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Resellers in the World

At Acenes, we have relied on our years of experience and more importantly, we have relied on, consulted, and developed relationships with a group of experienced manufacturers and integrators to build controllers and provide solutions that typically exceed installers expectations. Each partner has provided us with invaluable input, all of which has found its way to our hardware.

Our dedication to creating lasting and meaningful relationships is best reflected in our loyal connections with Acenes resellers.   We have had the honor of establishing trusting and grounded relationships with some of the industry's leading resellers. 

Orion Entrance Control, Inc.

Orion Entance Controls

Orion is a manufacturer of various buildings' entrance controls including a line of SpeedLane Turnstiles and its matching DoorGuard controller. Orion’s turnstiles use cutting-edge motorized controls, requiring stable current and other innovations that are offered by Acenes’ products.


REP is group of technically proficient professionals from all segments of the security industry: Distribution, Corporate End-User IT help desk, Project Management, Systems Integrators and Product Design. They are committed to providing their customers with superior service while supporting and advancing integration partners into effective and usable solutions that can evolve.

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