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Innovative Security Solutions

Game Changing Features
Innovative Design
One of a Kind Programmable Display
One of a Kind Programmable Audio
Mobile App provides Time Saving Installation and Maintenance

Door Control Systems

Acenes’ Door Control System, built on our powerful A21 controller platform allows for customized comprehensive solutions. A21 controller can handle a wide range of bespoke smart door requirements with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 1K1Ktooth, Wiegand, iButtons, OSDP card reader, and custom and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

Door Status Software

Acenes’ PC App is a windows-based program that serves two main purposes: first, active status monitoring of up to 32 doors via a status matrix grid; and secondly, programming of the iDMA via both uploading and editing images such as company logos, as well as uploading firmware updates.  

Coming Soon

Door Contacts

Acenes’ wide range of supervised security door contacts are the most efficient products offered in today’s security market. With built-in end of line resistors (EOL), our array of door contacts were specifically designed to save install labor time, and eliminate potential and common wiring mistakes, and are the first choice among leading security integrators today.


years of experience

We bring the technical
knowledge & experience

Acenes is a business-to-business (B2B) technology-driven company that provides next-gen smart products. We specifically design for the OEM market to deliver better, smarter, and more efficient security integration solutions.

The combination of our field expertise, cutting-edge technology, quality, innovation, and commitment to excellence is what we offer to our clients.

Resellers & Partners

Our clients are our partners and we are innovative and flexible to match all of your diverse needs. We deliver the best so that you can give your customers the best.

Orion Entrance Control, Inc.

Now you can experience what makes us best in Security Integration.

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